Tech Director - o Supplying-Stages o Floor o Contwewight...

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Tech Director LINK BTWEEN MANAGEMENT, ARTICSIT STAFF AND WORKFORCE o Communicated all technical elements Coordinated, prepared and execute all technical aspects o Set concstuction o Ordinary, special requirements o Lighting requirements, limitations o Special effects o Sound requirements, limitations o Costumes o Production calendar o Budget - Knows everything about particular theatre o Plan show in consideration of all known factors - Responsible to producer ($$) - Jack of all trades - Constantly learning what’s new in the biz - Consulting Duties - Budget - Construction o Designers drawing into work o Shop time o Deadlines! - Scene Shop o Tools o Equipment o Ordering
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Unformatted text preview: o Supplying-Stages o Floor o Contwewight System/Grid o Backstage-SAFETY!-Production Meetings Main Elements to Consider-Time-Size-$$$$-Knowledge Types-Professional- makes their living off it-Community-Educational-Stock- during the summer (may to September) regular profession during the year-Resident- someone working at centennial hall-Touring- go with the show wherever they go-Facilities manager Personnel-Assistant T.D-Master Carpenter, stage carpenter, technicians-Scenic artists, prop artisans-Ass. Designer-Stage Manager-Run Crews, Shop Staff...
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Tech Director - o Supplying-Stages o Floor o Contwewight...

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