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29 - • Environment or Heredity Farce highly comedic light...

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Theatre Notes 1/29 Tragedy Greeks- very modern tragedy Action: disorder, chaos and balance Every play has a protagonist (good person who represents mankind, or nature) Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Gods Protagonist usually had a flaw You feel pity or sorrow for the main character The hero must struggle, and is sometimes defeated Catharsis: (relief or purging of emotion) o Crying, or screaming Modern Tragedy: Death of a salesman Melodrama Nineteenth Century Melodrama o Balance.. then chaos, balance o Good vs. Evil o One dimensional character o Pity and fear o Sentimental with a happy ending o Action/ Physical o Double ending for numerous characters o Modern: Rocky, Robin Hood Serious Drama Factors which created Realism o Industrial Revolution o Darwin’s theory of evolution o Sigmund Freud o Photography Ibsen: Father of Realism Tragic Overtones/Murder Mystery Slice of Life, ending can be hopeful Action, Harmony, Disturbance
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Unformatted text preview: • Environment or Heredity Farce: highly comedic, light hearted o Situation is possible but not probably o Pysical, outrageous, fast paced o No serious idea/pure entertainment o Audience not emotionally involved o Broad physical stunts and pratfalls Comedy: High vs. Low o High: o Verbal Wit o Inconsistency of character o Comedy of Ideas, Political Satire, Social Commentary • Low: o Obscene, dirty, crude o Physical Mishaps/Slapstick o Plot devices: mistaken identity, misunderstanding Musicals: • America’s contribution to the theatre world • First musical : Showboat (1927) o Integrated a story with singing o Early musicals had superficial storylines • Transitions • Many musicals based on straight dramas or comedies • Spectacle is of importance Other: • Performance Art, Absurdist, Experimental • Dance • Opera • Las Vegas • Regional Etc....
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