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Exam Review Topics - What is AEA What is the union for...

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Exam: Organization of a production How long does it take for an organization of a production What are the three types of production What is masking Strike? Types of drama: Tragedy, melodrama, musicals, comedy, catharsis Lighting What are the functions of lighting What do they control What is a gobo (pattern inserted into the lighting to give off an image) What are the responsibility of the designers Who works with the designers and people (assistants, master electricians. . etc) What is gel How is color used in lighting Scene design What are the responsibilities of the scene designer What is a ground plan Who is responsible for the visual elements Who works with the scene designer What is rendering Acting What must an actor train What is the definition of a good actor (box office, stanislovsky)
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Unformatted text preview: What is AEA What is the union for actors and stage directors Play wrighting The script is the blueprint for the play What must the writer do What is a dramaturgy Definition and roles of dramaturgy When did they come to America Directing What are the duties of a director( creates the blocking, timing, casting) Stage management Duties of the stage manager What is a promptor Who calls the show Who is the hub of the wheel? Whose show is it 10 min before opening Technical directing (TD) Taking the scenic designers drawing and putting it into an image on the stage Who works with the TD Costume designer Duties of a costume designer You are what you wear...
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Exam Review Topics - What is AEA What is the union for...

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