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UA Mineral Extra Credit

UA Mineral Extra Credit - Museum were from Brisbane hinting...

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UA Mineral Extra Credit Jordan Wertheimer 12/12/08 Chemistry 151 The copper compound that I decided to research was Malachite. Its chemical formula is Cu2(CO3)(OH)2, from which you can distinguish that it can be called copper carbonate hydroxide. Malachite is one of the most precious gems known to man, for its pristine blueish green hue. Although malachite’s main purpose is in ornamental jewelry, it is also commonly found as a component to paint pigments, for its illustrious greenish color gives it a vivacious tone. You can find malachite all over the world, but in particular, it is very common in the mountain ranges of Russian and South Australia. If you don’t want to have to travel that far to observe this beautiful gem, you can take a short trip to Brisbane, AZ where one of the largest Malachite findings in the United States occurs monthly. Many of the malachite samples present in the UA Mineral
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Unformatted text preview: Museum were from Brisbane, hinting towards its large volumes of malachite present under its rocky desert surface. The reason that copper compounds tend to have co many different colors in it is due to the fact that they contain d-orbitals, which split into two sublevels. This split of energy levels is due to the fact that the ligands attach different ions in the copper compound. Thus, when the orbitals are split up, it gives rise to new, more complex ions, to attach to the levels and give off different colors. When an ion such as Ammonia (NH4) attaches to one of these energy levels, the blueish hue of the copper then turns slightly purple Bibliography: http://www.galleries.com/Minerals/Carbonat/MALACHIT/MALACHIT.htm http://www.gemstoneeducation.com/Malachite.htm...
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UA Mineral Extra Credit - Museum were from Brisbane hinting...

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