Lab Report Chemical Synthesis

Lab Report Chemical Synthesis - Introduction: There were 4...

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There were 4 main objectives that we experimentally observed and objectified in this lab. First, we were to synthesize Aspirin, or Acetylsalicylic acid from a combination of both Salicylic acid and acetic anhydride, recording how much net aspirin we produced. Next, we were to isolate only the raw aspirin using a filtration device that was designed to suck out all the unnecessary substance in the aspirin compound. Third, we were to drain out raw aspirin product until we have gotten a completely pure form of the Acetylsalicylic acid, by a process known as recrystallization. Finally, after all our aspirin had been synthesized and purified, we were to confirm that no other substances were present in our compound, clarifying that what we had produced was in fact the purest form of Aspirin. By using Aspirin’s specific melting point, we could see whether or not it contained other compounds, while the TLC strip test also proved that no other compound was present. Lastly, to confirm that our aspirin was in the purest it could be, we used titration of the aspirin follicles to confirm that our synthezation had procured pure Acetylsalicylic acid. Conceptually, this experiment covered many procedures and theories that we had used in previous labs. It tested our ability to perform them under pressure, for if we messed one step up, the end product would not be in its purest form and we would have been forced to redo the entire lab. The key concepts to understanding this lab were synthesis, recrystallization, filtration, titration and analysis. Once you have understood how to concoct your aspirin, the rest was making sure it was in its purest form with different methods linked to key characteristics exhibited by aspirin. It is pertinent to understand the key characteristics of aspirin before performing
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Lab Report Chemical Synthesis - Introduction: There were 4...

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