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ANNOUNCING Dr. Wesolowski’s GREAT UA MINERAL MUSEUM 10 GLORIOUS BONUS PointS Project WHAT Earn 10 bonus points for completing the ENTIRE project WHERE : on your own, go to the UA Mineral Museum located in the lower level of the Flandrau Planetarium on the north east corner of Cherry Street and the UA Mall. Just two blocks east of our building. 2) Use your CatCard to get in for only $1, but get a receipt for your visit. The register receipt will be fine…but be sure it has a clear date. Check for their hours on the website. ( Don’t wait too long they have limited hours on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Do it this weekend!!!!! HOW : 1) enjoy the wonderful collection of beautiful mineral samples. Spend some time there, especially check out the large asbestos sample (you can touch it!!) It’s a natural mineral mined in the northeastern US and Canada. The fine powder if inhaled in sufficient quantities can cause lung disease. There is a
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