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Make a list of at least four reasons why chemists want to separate substances. 1. To understand how individual compounds react by themselves as compared to when they are together in a combined substance. 2. To understand how and what forces actually hold the compounds together. They take them apart to see how they come back together. 3. To understand the relationship between different compounds, being able to see their origins and backgrounds can allow for further observations between the characteristics of similar compounds. 4. Just for fun Why do leaves have color? 1. Leaves have the color green because it is the only color that the leaf reflects in the color spectrum. It absorbs the blue and the red color waves so it reflects the green pigment, forcing our eyes to see green. 2. Leaves also have color because they contain significant amounts light trapping molecules, of the immediate precursor to chlorophylls : pheophytins. A pheophytin is chlorophyll without magnesium. Briefly describe how chromatography separates chemicals.
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