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Sheet1 Page 1 Classification of example grammars (Slides 14--21). GA: - Ambiguous - Not LR(1) or LL(1) - No precedence or associativity GB: - Unambiguous - LR(1), not LL(1) (but can be left-factored) - No precedence - Right associativity GC: - Unambiguous - LR(1), not LL(1) (left-recursive) - No precedence - Left associativity
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Unformatted text preview: GD:- Unambiguous- LR(1), not LL(1) (but can be left-factored)- Precedence- Right associativity GE:- Unambiguous- LR(1), not LL(1) (left-recursive)- Precedence- Left associativity GF:- Unambiguous- LR(1), LL(1) (left-factored version of GD)- Precedence- Right associativity...
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