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Sport and Culture in Asia and the US Take home mid-term examination, Summer 2007 This exam is due at the beginning of class on Wed. 25 July 2007. The exam must be typed and double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font. Margins should be one inch on all sides. You must turn the paper in on paper. You may not send the paper via email without permission from the instructor—it will not be accepted and will be downgraded as late until it is received on paper. The questions on this exam represent an opportunity for you to think through major themes and issues that we have considered in the class to date. Each answer should be approximately 750 words in length (that is about three pages). You may speak with other members of the class as you think about your answers, but the
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Unformatted text preview: answers you submit must be your work alone. Collaboration is not allowed in the writing of this exam. Questions: Answer BOTH of the following 1. Define the term “sport”. In your definition, bring in the relationship between sport and culture. How do you think sport shapes culture and how is sport shaped by culture? 2. Discuss the function of American football (not soccer) in to American society. What kinds of functions can be associated with football? Are there differences in function at different levels of play, such as college vs. professional, or youth vs. college? Use specific examples from Friday Night Lights to support your argument. You may also bring in personal experiences, but you must include direct reference to the book....
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