4-17 - Well depends o Some reefs located near sources of...

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4/17/08 Coral Reef Oh! The lovely coral o This isn’t hard atoll! o Rich and diverse o My mind is a sponge A simple sponge Takes in through the ostia and out the osculum In the small holes, and out the large Filtered in the intake o Hair in ostia Flagella Microvili Fore! o What kind of ecosystem is a coral reef? (where organisms are on coral reefs – 2 factors) Depth Deeper you go, less photosynthesis Energy The more energy you have, the more robust you have to be Same, but different Shallow o Smaller Deep
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o Larger o Atolls have even more variety Where is all this stuff coming from? o Coral reefs typically grow in oligotrophic waters Good: lots nutrients mean lotsa plankton, and lotsa turbidity Bad: low nutrients means less zoozanthellae growth, less coral growth o High productivity in nutrient poor water Gross productivity 1,500 – 5,000 g C/m 2 /year 18-50 g C/m 2 /year in the open ocean 180 – 3,600 Kg C/m 2 /year in estuaries So what is the solution to the paradox?
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Unformatted text preview: Well, depends. o Some reefs located near sources of nutrients Near continental shelves, large islands o What about atolls? No nutrient source save the ocean Where are the algae in the system? Not in the water column Nitrogen and phosphorous o Photosynthesis occurs in or on things Large biomass of photosynthetic critters Possibility for high efficiency nutrient recycling Bacteria Ocean poor in nutrients but lotsa ocean reef may be a nutrient filter act as sinks undiscovered nutrient sources ground water upwelling Turf algae? o Multispecific o Filamentous o Usually dont get big o Abundance changes seasonally Pavona, you are fired! o Space and light restrictions = fierce competitions o Grow quickly (branching corals) Exploitative competition o Kill Interference competition...
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4-17 - Well depends o Some reefs located near sources of...

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