debate - carcinogenic and chlramphenicol causes two types...

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Are farmed fish safe to eat? Because importing farmed fish is much more cost efficient, the United States imports 80% of its seafood for human consumption. Problems with inspection of seafood entering our ports. Ronald Hites at Indianan University and his colleagues indentified these feeds as likely culprits in a 2004 study that found higher levels of PCBs, dioxins and other orgnichlorine pesticides in farmed salmon than in wild salmon Toxins were found from feed fish that forged in polluted waters Fish are coming from countries that allow farmers to use drugs and chemicals banned in the United States. Over populated ponds makes them vulnerable to disease and parasites, so farmers use antibiotics, disinfectants, and pesticides to keep animals healthy. But certain antibiotics can cause illnesses. For example, some nitrofurans are
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Unformatted text preview: carcinogenic, and chlramphenicol causes two types of anemia in humans. Drug resistant bacteria make it to humans through tainted food. Fungicide – Malachite green is suspected in genetic mutations, and gentian violet has been linked to mouth cancer. These have turned up in Imported Shrimp. Genetic Degradation Interbreeding between wild fish and escaped farm fish. Such genetic mixing produces hybrid offspring that are less well-adapted to survive. A decade-long study in Ireland found that hybrid offspring of wild and farmed salmon and sea trout escape each year – hybrid salmon survive and return to rivers for spawning at lower rates than wild fish. 32 Worry about escaped fish from storms interbreeding with wild fish....
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debate - carcinogenic and chlramphenicol causes two types...

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