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MNS320_AudienceDebateRubric - Audience performance...

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Audience performance evaluation for: Your name: CRITERION 1= 2= 3= 4= 5= SCORE Did the person take the exercise seriously and act professionally? appeared and acted inappropriately Appeared professionally, acted unprofessionally neutral acted professionally, but appearance indicated a lack of seriousness about the effort was professional in demeanor and appearance Was the person prepared for the debate? Did they understand their topic? did not demonstrate an adequate understanding of the topic understood the main points, but lacked in detail and discussion understood and discussed the main points understood most topics and could discuss intelligently understood and discussed all topics intelligently and convincingly Did the person take part in the discussions, or were their contributions limited to their presentation? did not participate minimal participation and asked no questions talked a lot, but did not significantly add to discussion, questions not pertinent to discussion significant participation
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