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Teammate performance evaluation for: Your name: CRITERION 1= 2= 3= 4= 5= SCORE Did the person attend meetings as scheduled? missed most meetings missed several meetings attended most meetings attended nearly all meetings attended every meeting Was the person punctual for meetings and did they stay the entire time? arrived late to most meetings and/or left early rarely attended meetings and/or stayed for entire meeting attended some meetings but did not stay attended most meetings and stayed throughout prompt at every meeting and stayed through all Did the person do sufficient research for the topic? Were they prepared for the meetings? no research/ preparation minimal research/ preparation significant research, but not enough to do the job well researched and prepared but poorly understood well researched, prepared, and understood Did the person contribute
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Unformatted text preview: to meetings? Did they actively talk and interact with other group members? never contributed rarely contributed average contribution discussed some topics thoroughly, others less well thoroughly discussed all topics Did the person complete their share of the task load, in a timely manner? did relatively little and/or usually late did less than others and/or often late sometimes did more or less than others, usually by the deadlines did an equal share, completed by the deadlines did more than others and often before deadlines Did the person take the exercise seriously and act professionally? disruptive Not serious or professional, but not disruptive Neutral Was serious and prepared, but did not handle discussions professionally Serious and prepared, listened to the opinions of others and discussed topics professionally TOTAL SCORE (out of 30)...
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