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chapter 21 - chu1 chai1o go on a business trip t lei4 type...

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Unformatted text preview: chu1 chai1o go on a business trip t lei4 type, kind wei4 sheng1 jian1 bathroom guo4 excessively wan3 kuai4 bowls and chopsticks xie2 di3 sole (shoes) yao1 qiu2demand, request bin1 guan3otel h shou4 bu4 liao3 cannot stand xian3 ran2 obvious you1 dian3trong point, merit s chuan1 to string together kao3 to bbq, to roast zhu4 jin4 to check in lu4 guo4 to pass through or by (place) you4 also wei4 sheng1 clean zhei4 yi4 dian3 this aspect yong4 bu4 liao3 cannot use zhun3 bei4 to prepare ...
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