Chapter 19

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Unformatted text preview: cheng2 gong1 to succeed; success fu4 dan1 burden biao3 mian4 shang4 on the surface, in name only kan4 lai2 it looks, it appears, it looks as if chong2 man3 to be full of zuo4 fa3 way of doing or making a thing, a method of work zu3 ai4 to hinder, to impede you3 dao4 li3 to make sense cong2 qian2 in the past, formerly ban4' gong1 shi4 office he1 cha2 to drink tea kan4 bao4 to read newspaper na2 to receive gong1 zi1wages, pay fan2 shi4 all, any neng2 li4 ability hai4 pa4 to fear can2 ku4 cruel dai4 jia4 price wu2 jia1 ke3 gui1 to be homeless...
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