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chapter 18 - lan3 duo4lazy indolent yi1 kao4 to rely on xi2...

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Unformatted text preview: lan3 duo4lazy, indolent yi1 kao4 to rely on xi2 guan4habit hai4 to harm, to injure lan3 lazy she4 hui4 zhi4 du4 social system he2 li3 reasonable, equitable pin2 fu4 bu4 jun1 great difference b/w rich and poor nu3 li4 to work hard; great effort guo4 cuo4 fault, mistake ge4 ren2 individual (person) shi1 bai4 to fail, to lose ze2 ren4 responsibility, blame tui1 to shift, to difuse fu4 ze2 ren4 responsible (adj) tai4 du4 attitude ren4 he2 any, whatever mian3 bu liao3 inevitable, unavoidable jing4 zheng1 competition, to compete zhe3 one who ...
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