chapter 17 - fang2 dao4revent theft p qi3 gai4 beggar...

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Unformatted text preview: fang2 dao4revent theft p qi3 gai4 beggar xi1dan1 gou4wu4 zhong1xin1 Xi'Dan shopping center qun2 MW group, flock, swarm wei2 zhu4to surround; to enclose che3 zhu4 to pull qun2 zi skirt qiao2 to look at, to see hao3 hao1 de good tiao2 MW long, narrow things nong4 to make mao2 MW 1/10th yuan tong2 qing2 xin1 sympathy, compassion bu4 de2 yi3 to have no alternative gu3 li4 to encourage bu4 lao2 er2 huo4 to reap without sowing gong1 ping2 fair suo3 wei4socalled jie3 jue2 bu4 liao3 not able to solve yang3 cheng2 to form, to cultivate (habit) ...
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