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chapter 16 - fang2 fan4 to be on guard to keep a lookout...

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Unformatted text preview: fang2 fan4 to be on guard, to keep a lookout gu4 ran2 though of course, no doubt, admittedly xiao3 tour1 thief zhong4 yao4 important ting1 shuo1 to hear that, heard of tou1 to steal dan1 wei4work unit si3 to die shao1 to burn shi1 huo3to catch fire, to be on fire wan3 shang4 night time yi3 wei2 to consider, assume incorrectly wai4 tou2outside li3 mian4 inside wai4 mian4 outside suo3 lock, to lock da4 men2main entrance pao3 bu4 to jog xiao4 yuan2 campus fang2 huo3revent fire p ...
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