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chapter 15 - zhi3 paper hui4 bao4to report to give an...

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Unformatted text preview: zhi3 paper hui4 bao4to report, to give an account to ling3 dao3 leader, leadership ming2 tian1 tomorrow zhao2 xiang3 to give consideration to (sb or sth) zhu3 yao4 mainly peng4 to encounter, to run into yi2 bei4 zi3nes life o chao1 guo4 to exceed, to surpass sun3 shi1loss, to lose cai2 chan3 roperty p shen4 zhi4 ven, so much so that e yi2 dan4 once, some time or other xian4 jin1 cash zhao4 xiang4 ji1 camera bu2 guo4 merely ding3 duo1t most a tou1 qie4 stealing, thief (noun) shang1 hai4 to harm, to injure, harm huo3 zai1fire disaster ...
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