chapter 14 - wu1 ran2 pollution, to pollute zao4 cheng2 to...

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Unformatted text preview: wu1 ran2 pollution, to pollute zao4 cheng2 to cause, to bring about diu1 to discard la1 ji1 garbage nian2 sticky chan2 pin3roduct p shi3 yong4o use, to employ t zui4 jin4 recently, lately cha4 poor, inferior shu4 mu4wood, trees fang1 xiang4 direction dian4 shi4TV hao3 chu4 advantage fen1 lei4 to classify, to sort kuang4 quan3 shui3 bottle water bu4 jian4 de2 not likely, not necessarily huan4 to change su4 liao4 plastics huai4 chu4isadvantage d sheng1 livelihood ...
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