chapter 13 - yi4 hundred million sen1 lin2 forest zi1...

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Unformatted text preview: yi4 hundred million sen1 lin2 forest zi1 yuan2natural resources nan2 dao4 could it be that... kao4 to rely on, to depend on quan2 whole, entire tao3 yan4to hate, to loathe yi4 la1 guanr4 poptop, pulltop mu4 qian2 at present, at the moment bei1 cup jin4 bu4 improvement, progress; to improve/ progress dai1 bag, sack tiao2 jian4condition, requirement, prereq fu2 wu4 yuan2 waiter reng1 to throw, to throw away guang3 gao4 advertisement bu4 ru2 to be inferior to, to be unequal to ren2 kou3population shi4 jie4 world zhu2 bamboo ...
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