chapter 11 - zhuan3 turn qing1 light not serious jia1...

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Unformatted text preview: zhuan3 turn qing1 light, not serious jia1 shang4 morever, in addition wei4 for lv4 deng1green light wu2 suo3 wei4 doesn't matter jiu4 hu4 che1 ambulance gong1 si1company gu3 tou2 bone yao4 bu4 ran2 otherwise, or else ge4 ti3 individual ming4 life jing1 ji4 economy gan3 xie4to thank, to be grateful hui2 shou1 to reclaim, to retrieve, recycle ping2 zi3 bottle duan4 to break jin3 guan3 even though, despite shi2 ji4 shang4 in reality, in actual fact shen4 zhi4 yu2 even to the point of... ...
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