chapter 10 - xing2 ren2 pedestrian xiao3 xin1to be careful...

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Unformatted text preview: xing2 ren2 pedestrian xiao3 xin1to be careful ting3 quite yao4 jin3 important, urgent bing4 fang2 sickroom da4 gai4 probably jian1 mw rooms yi1 yuan4hospital lun2 yi3 wheelchair zhuang4 to hit che1 huo4 car accident si1 ji1 driver chu1 to go; to come out; to pay tui3 leg bao3 xian3 insurance chu1 che1 huo4 get into a car accident hao3 zai4luckily fei4 yong4 cost, expense pu3 tong1common, ordinary yan2 zhong4 serious ...
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