chapter 9 - duan4 lian4 to exercise di4 tie3 zhan4 subway...

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Unformatted text preview: duan4 lian4 to exercise di4 tie3 zhan4 subway stop fu4 to pay shou4 shang1 to be injured you4 right she4 bei4facilities fu4 ze2 to be responsible for rang4 to allow ju4 shuo1it is said bu2 bi4 need not zhu4 yuan4 to be hospitalized guo4 to cross, to pass she2 to break dan1 wu4to delay, to hold up qian1 wan4 be sure to, must jing3 cha2police yi1 liao2 medical treatment gei3 chu1 yuan4 leave the hospital qi2 ta1 other ...
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