chapter 8 - kao4 to lean(towards/against qi2 to ride zuo2...

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Unformatted text preview: kao4 to lean (towards/against) qi2 to ride zuo2 tian1 yesterday dian4 store wan4 yi1 If by any chance, just in case fa3 zi3 means, way qiang3 to scramble for jin4 close dai4 to wear pa4 afraid hua2 bu4 lai2 not worth it yun4 dong4 (n) physical exercise gong1 gong4 qi4 che1 bus shu3 qi1 ban1 summer class wei1 xian3 dangerous ye3 xu3 perhaps, probably tian1 shu4 number of days su4 she4 dorms sheng3 to save bu4 cheng2 wont do ...
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