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chapter 6 - te4 bie2 especially yuan3 far an1 quan2...

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Unformatted text preview: te4 bie2 especially yuan3 far an1 quan2 mao4helmet safety mw for 8 dun4 da4 duo1 mostly shang4 che1 the bus board chu1 shir4have an accident lun4 to take into account; to regard gui4 expensive zhong1 dang4 second rate quality bao3 zheng4 to guarantee zu1 to rent yi4 ju3 liang32 birds 1 stone kill de2 di4 tie3 subway zu1 jin1 rental fee zhi3 you3 just have to qian2 money wen4 ti2 question; problem ji3 to push against, crowded bianr1 side, edge ...
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