chapter 5 - shi4 yang4tyle type model s quanr1 mw round...

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Unformatted text preview: shi4 yang4tyle; type; model s quanr1 mw round chu1 zu1 che1 taxi fen1 zhong1 mw time fang4 xin1 to feel relieved dang1 ran2 of course zi4 xing2 che1 bike zhu3 yi4 idea shu2 familiar gong1 jiao1 che1 bus gong1 jin1 kg pai2 dui4 stand in line sheng4 xia4 to be left (over) li2 apart from ya1 jin1 deposit jiao1 tong1n)traffic ( tian1 tan2temple of heaven jiu4 old; used; worn ji4 ran2 since; as; now that xin1 new ...
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