chapter 3 - ying4 wo4hard bed gang1 just recently gen1 to...

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Unformatted text preview: ying4 wo4hard bed gang1 just, recently gen1 to follow liao3 jie3 realize, to understand bei3 jing1Beijing zhi2 straight, direct shi4 type, style xian4 dai4modern era chang2 cheng2 the great wall qi2 shi2 in fact hai2 even more ye3 wai4 qiu2 sheng1 wilderness education gu3 lao3 ancient old tong2 yang4 same lv3 you2 tour chu1 zhong1 middle school qian1 thousand hao3 wan2 fun yi2 lu4 shang4 to get on the way shang4 hai3 Shang hai ...
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