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Unformatted text preview: Energy Consultant Oil is the United States most important and essential natural resource. Oil fuels our economy and lifestyles; we cannot afford to leave any potential source untapped. The United States is currently the third largest producer of oil in the world, but our existing sources are diminishing every year and we must find alternative sources in order for our country to grow and prosper. The United States also imports more oil than any other country on earth and is the largest consumer. (2) The Energy Information Administration projects that oil consumption will grow significantly over the next 20 years so new domestic supplies of oil are needed to meet demand while reducing our reliance on imports. (5) Weighing all of these factors means that we can no longer maintain our way of life unless we can find reserves of fuel within our own country to elevate our current oil crunch. Currently the state of Alaska is the largest producer of oil in the United States, but its reserves have been declining in productivity and a new source...
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