Volcanes and climate change

Volcanes and climate change - ~3 days of total darkness...

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Volcanes and climate change o The volcanic materials that affect climate change Gass Ash and rock particles o The processes that cause climate change The ozone effect The greenhouse effect The haze (radiation reflection) effect Global cooling examples o Laki, Iceland (1783) 5*C (local) temperature decrease on east coast U.S. Largest historical eruption on basaltic lava (14km 3 ) 8 month basaltic eruption Fire fountains 800-1400m high, gases up to 15km 80 megatons sulfuric acid aerosol released Haze and acid rain killed most of the summer crops Acidity (fluorine) killed 75% of livestock Famine killed 24% of population Caused cooling of N. hemisphere of ~1*C Largest historical cooling from volcanic eruption o Tambora, Indonesia (1815) Year without summer, global crop failures Snowfall and hard freeze in June, July, august Largest eruption in last 10,000 years 150km 3 , VEI 7
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Eruption column reached a height of ~28miles 26 people (out of 12,000) on the island survived; 90,000 died
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Unformatted text preview: ~3 days of total darkness within 200 miles of the eruption 1-2.5 degree C drop in New England and western Europe Snows and frost in New England in every month of the summer Widespread crop failure and famine o Krakatau, Indonesia (1883) 0.4*C global temperature decrease 2 nd largest historical eruption • Noise of eruption hear 3000 miles away • VEI 6 Period known for brilliant sunsets SO 2 and ash injected into stratosphere Atmospheric effects visible over 70% of globe o Pinatubo, Philippines (1991) 0.1*C global temperature decrease 0.6*C in N hemisphere Injected 15 million tons of SO 2 into the atmosphere Eruption column over 35km high o Toba (74,000 years ago) A megaeruption • VEI 8 Caused a global volcanic winter Near extinction of Homo Sapien lineage Eruption volume 2,000km 3 1% of globe covered to >10cm of ash...
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Volcanes and climate change - ~3 days of total darkness...

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