How do volcanoes work

How do volcanoes work - h Bread-crust bombs have a frothy...

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How do volcanoes work? 1. Hawaiian a. Eruptions along fissures or fractures that act as linear vents b. Fissures feed lava flows that go down volcano flanks, often in lava tubes c. Can have central vents that jet molten lave hundreds of feed in the air 2. Phreatic Eruptions a. Caused by the interaction of water and heated volcanic rocks b. Very difficult to anticipate 3. Strombolian eruptions a. Intermittent fountaining of basaltic magma from a single vent b. Forms steep-sided volcanoes of loose material c. Can produce aa flows by coalescence of ejecta d. Produce “Pele’s hair” or thin threads 4. Vulcanian eruptions a. Named after the characteristic eruption style occurring on the island of volcano b. Many overlapping small center, many small vents c. Explosive type d. Lava fragments do not take a rounded shape e. Ash, block, bread-crust bombs f. Dissolved gases cannot escape g. “Bombs”: parcels of magma that are thrown out of the volcano
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Unformatted text preview: h. Bread-crust bombs have a frothy interior i. Violent and unpredictable j. Monteserrat, west indies i. Characterized by dome growth and collapse ii. Dome collapse generates pyroclastic flows 5. Plinian eruption a. Large explosive events that send enormous columns of ash into the stratosphere b. Named for Pliny that younger who described the eruption of Vesuvius c. Usually have pyroclastic flows associated with them d. Form summit calderas e. Distribute ash significant distances from the volcano f. Disperse ash to great distances and elevations g. Can influence weather on a global scale i. 1816 eruption of Mt. Tambora led to the “year without a summer” in Europe and US h. Hazard to aircraft i. More than 80 commercial aircraft have encountered volcanic ash in flight in the last 15 years ii. 7 of these resulted in engine failure and almost loss of the aircraft....
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How do volcanoes work - h Bread-crust bombs have a frothy...

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