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The University of Texas at Dallas Computer Science Department CS 2110: Introduction to Digital Systems Laboratory Experiment #1 – Familiarization with Lab Equipment and Simple AND, OR, and NOT Functions 1. Introduction: This course is intended as a companion laboratory to CS2310, Introduction to Digital Systems. As such, we will be becoming familiar with simple digital circuits in the first few laboratories, since these relatively simple circuits make up all of the functional units in even the most sophisticated digital computer systems and microprocessor chips. 2. Goal of this exercise: The purpose of Experiment #1 is to (1) familiarize students with the laboratory equipment on which all of the digital hardware exercises will be performed, and (2) to understand the operation of the three most fundamental logic gates – the AND, OR, and NOT circuits. 3. Theory of experiment: The Boolean functions AND, OR, and NOT have been discussed in class. The basic definitions are: A AND B is true (or “1” or “high”) if and only if (“iff”) both A and B are true (or 1 or high). That is, the expression A B is 1 iff A and B are 1. A OR B is 1 if either A or B or both are 1. NOT A is 1 only if A is 0; NOT A is 0 only if A is 1. For the digital logic circuits to be used today, inputs are nominally +5 volts for a 1, and 0 volts (technically less than about 0.7 volts) for a 0. Likewise, circuit outputs are nominally 0 volts for 0 or false, and +5 volts for 1 or true. In today’s experiment, we will verify that the electrical AND, OR, and NOT functions performed by the circuits in question do in fact correspond to AND, OR, and NOT logic relations. 4. Experimental Equipment List: The following experimental components are required for this experimental procedure: IDL-800 Digital Lab. Circuits Evaluator (“breadboard” unit with test equipment and power supply built in) IDL-800 User Manual SN74LS08 quad 2-input AND gate (digital logic kit) SN 74LS04 hex inverter (NOT) gate (digital logic kit) SN 74LS32 quad 2-input OR gate (digital logic kit) Breadboard wire connection kit Pin assignment diagrams for 74LS04, 74LS08, and 74LS32
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CS2110, Experiment #1 2 5. Pre-Work: Prior to the laboratory period, study class notes and prepare a truth table for each of the three logic function (2-input AND, 2-input OR, and NOT gates). Bring these truth tables to the laboratory. Also prepare truth tables for the two functions defined in part 9 of Section 6 below and bring them to the lab.
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62225508041 - The University of Texas at Dallas Computer...

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