Brief History of western culture

Brief History of western culture - Brief History Western...

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Brief History Western culture began in ancient Greece. There and in the Roman civilization it developed until the start of the Middle Ages when it largely vanished from Europe. During the Middle Ages, Western culture resided, instead, in the Arab world to a modest degree. Then the rediscovery of Western culture in Europe in the Late Middle Ages prompted the Renaissance. Western culture’s continuing development then led to the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and to what is considered today as modern, advanced civilization. Where Western Culture Is Today, Western culture has at least some presence in nearly all nations of the world. It does not currently exist, however, anywhere in a perfect and complete form. Wherever Western culture exists, it is at least partially mixed—and often largely mixed—with non-Western culture. (Nonwestern culture is derived from mysticism or subjectivism, not reason. Consequently, it is characterized essentially by anti-individualism, self-sacrifice, tyranny, a hostility or indifference to economic progress, science and technology, and by the view that humanity is depraved and/or helpless.) [1] Western culture currently dominates in many Western and Central European nations and several nations settled by European descendants, especially the United States. Western culture also significantly exists in many Asian nations, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, and it is increasingly influential in India and China. It has only a modest presence in most of the rest of Asia as well as Latin America and Eastern Europe. In much of both Africa and the Middle East, Western culture currently has little presence. Western Culture Transcends Geography and Race
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Brief History of western culture - Brief History Western...

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