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Human cloning All of us today believe in promise of modern medicine. We live in a time of tremendous medical progress more than couple of years ago. Scientists are focusing to find out what the human genetic code really is in 21 century. Even if it is great help for people suffering from fatal diseases, I believe advances in biological technology, which make us pay conscience, should never come to our world. Human cloning considerably need to be stopped. Many of you might think that human cloning is such a good thing to prepare for the future in case of that you are fatally sick, but what if you need somebody’s sacrifices or you need to kill somebody else. The morality of whatever we do has to be considered as a value only human has, not animals without side- effects, but it does not mean that we do not need anything from ourselves. There will be mass production markets dealing with eggs and egg donors, more seriously, exploitation of women's bodies that we cannot and must not allow. In addition to morality, there are many researches which show us that human cloning is not able to be used.
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