The economic crisis in the U.S - Outline

The economic crisis in the U.S - Outline - Topic Sentence...

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Cause and Effect Outline: Focus on Effects Title: Economic crisis in the United States of America I. Introduction A. Hook: The U.S has been getting through difficult situations over the past century. When the crisis came such as great depressions and world wars, although it was primarily hard to solve, those were completely dealt with by the U.S government. B. Thesis Statement: (Include the Cause); The U.S has been suffering economic crisis since the subprime mortgage turned out to be bubble. It basically caused the continuing financial disaster not only in the U.S, but it is also all over the world. II. Body paragraph 1: Cause #1 A. Topic Sentence: The main cause of the economic crisis is that the subprime mortgage emerged as bubble. B. Details: III. Body paragraph 2: Cause #2 A.
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Unformatted text preview: Topic Sentence: There are the other factors which busted the economy becoming worse and worse. B. Details: Lehman Brothers was in bankruptcy, AIG asks for billions of dollars and Merrill Lynch agreed to sell itself. IV. Body paragraph 3: Effect #1 A. Topic Sentence: Americans lost $8.3 trillion during the recession. B. Details: V. Body Paragraph 4: Effect #2 A. Topic Sentence: The effect of global financial crisis has been been appearing in many different ways. B. Details: Commodities, Oil, world food price, currency rate, VI. Conclusion: Even though it has not completely worked out yet, there have been noticeable achievements which the crisis is anticipated to finish. Note: Do not write the details or conclusion in complete sentences. Include only keywords....
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The economic crisis in the U.S - Outline - Topic Sentence...

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