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chapter 17 - 8 - Primag Functlon Antidepressants...

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Unformatted text preview: Primag Functlon Antidepressants Antipsychctics ‘ Antimanlcs Anxiolytlcs Ciass MAO inhibitors Tricycllcs SSRI’s Atypicals Classic Atypicals Benzodiazepines Atypicals Pharmacotherapies mm Phenelzine Irnlpramine Flunxetine Buproplen Chlorpromazine Clczaplne Lithium carbonate Carbamazapine Diazepam Buspirone Trade Name Nerd“. Tofranil Prozac Wetlbutrin Therazlne CIozarll Eskalith Tegretol Valium Buspar 89.1 Mm biocks transmitter breakdown blocks NE 8. 5HT reuptake blocks 5 HT reuptake blocks NE 8. DA reuptake blocks DA receptor blocks specific DA receptor stabilizes calcium action ? enhances GABA Inhib. action ? Note: ME = noreplnephrine. DA = dopamine. 5 HT = serotonin. and GABA = gamma-amino hutyrlc acid Dear student: Please iamiliarlme yourself with the details about fire action and use of these drugs as described on pp 637-640. ...
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