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chapter 15 - 12 - 84.1 Summary of Major Personality...

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Unformatted text preview: 84.1 Summary of Major Personality Theories Psychodynamic Disposiflonal I Social Looming Humanistic eneflc Primary . Person Person Situations or Person focus person I situation interactions Important Early childhood Present Present Present periods View of Hedonistic & Neither positive Neither positive Positive human selfish or negative or negative nature Roots of Unconscious Traits (genetic) and Leamed by Drive toward personality motives; repressed temperament; observation, seif-actualization childhood conflicts characteristic ways imitation, (personal growth of thinking. feeling, rewards, and ‘ 8: self—fulfillment) and acting punishments Conscious Emphasizes the Varies with Ignores issue Emphasizes the vs. unconscious theon'st conscious unconscious Methods of Case studies. Objective tests Observations, Personai assessment projective tests (questionnaires, objective tests, interviews (TAT. Rorschach) inventories) personal interviews ...
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