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1614 Handout Major Battles, Union commanders and Dates Note: Only the Union commanders are listed because they are the hardest ones to keep straight during the first half of the war. President Lincoln was constantly changing them to hopefully get one who could win battles. 1 Fort Sumter April 12-14, 1861 Major Anderson 2 First Bull Run July 21, 1861 Gen. McDowell 3 Peninsular Campaign
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Unformatted text preview: 9 months (Fall 1861Summer 1862 Seven Days Battles (June 25July 1, 1862) Gen. McClellan 4 Second Bull Run August 28-29, 1862 Gen. Pope 5 Antietam Sept. 17, 1862 Gen. McClellan 6 Fredericksburg Dec. 13, 1862 Gen. Burnside 7 Chancellorsville May 2-4, 1863 Gen. Hooker 8 Gettysburg July 1-4, 1863 Gen. Meade 9 Vicksburg July 4, 1863 surrender (after a 6 week siege). Gen. Grant...
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