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Workshop_Worksheet_1614 - Worksheet History 1614 Directions...

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Worksheet: History 1614 Directions: Answer the following. As much as possible, try to answer them without looking them up in the workshop notes. 1. President Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address was a combination of reassurances to the southern states along with a tough stand regarding his resolve to maintain the government of the United States. Explain this by giving some examples of each position in the speech. 2. Do you think that a congressional committee to investigate the conduct of the Civil War was a good or a bad thing? Think of our current war. Would such a committee help bring about victory? 3. President Lincoln, at times, favored the Doctrine of Military Necessity over the Rule of Law. Do you think he was justified? Is it ever justified? 4. What relevance does the Vallandigham case have to recent American history? Think of the protests of the 1960s and later.
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5. How and why did the Massachusetts State Militia provoke the residents of Baltimore in April 1861?
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