ECON 0280 Syllabus (Summer 2009)

ECON 0280 Syllabus (Summer 2009) - Course Outline...

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Course Outline for “Introduction to Money and Banking” (ECON 0280) —Summer 2009 Course Code and Title: Econ 0280: Introduction to Money and Banking Lecturer: Dr James R. Maloy Office: Posvar 4705 Phone: 412 648 7117 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 11:00 – 12:00 Course Aims and Overview: Econ 0280 is a course on the economics of money, banking and finance. The course aims to provide the student with an introduction to the role of money, financial markets, financial institutions and monetary policy in the economy, thus providing a solid foundation for further study or employment in the financial services industry. There are four main components of the course. First, the role of financial markets in the economy will be considered, with a particular emphasis on bond markets and interest rate determination. The course will then cover the main aspects of banks and other financial institutions before turning to an investigation of the role of money, central banking and monetary policy. The course concludes by examining topics in international finance. Course Delivery: The course will be taught through two weekly classes, Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 – 3:15. The classes will be used for lecturing as well as a seminar-type discussion of problem sets. Specific readings for each class are specified below. The lecturer will be available for consultation during advertised office hours or by appointment. Assessment: The course will be assessed by quizzes/assignments, a mid-term examination, a non- cumulative final examination and an essay. Six in-class quizzes or out-of-class assignments
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This note was uploaded on 07/02/2009 for the course ECON 0280 taught by Professor Jamesmaloy during the Summer '09 term at Pittsburgh.

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ECON 0280 Syllabus (Summer 2009) - Course Outline...

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