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BISl0l Midterm 2Key (Version l) 1. A genetics student was studying two recessive phenotypes in flies; fat tongue (t) and evil eye (e) linked to chromosome 3. After crossing one wild type parent with afat tongue, evil-eyed parent, she got normal looking Fl progeny. When she crossed the Fl to a tester, she obtained 500progeny in the following ratios: 1750 wild type; l75O fat tongue/evil-eyed; 75Q fat tongue and 750 evil-eyed. Believing that 1500 non-parent looking progeny were due to rare recombination events between the two traits, she proposed a null hypothesis that the traits were nol linked and tested the hypothesis with a I analysis on the Y2 data. Based on the student's hypothesis, what ratio would she expect to see in 5000 F2 flies? (5 pts.) A. l:1 B. 2:l C. 3:1 6ocp++ ? lLSo- E(espeotJ) o E. 1: 1:1: I 9;3:3:l 200 400 c. 600 Which of the following values was determined by the f analysis on the F2 data? (see formula on the last page) (5 pts.) ..rz ,/ (o-E)' A ---7 -- [email protected] ftg4_')i (,ltry)i W'* ?Wf = Boo lLt,,o lL6D lLSo Using the table of probabilities on the last page, indicate the range of P values for the I value you calculated. (see table on last page) (5 pts.) 0.95 - 0.90 0.01 0.001 0.10 0.05 D. 0.30 0.20 -\ ( E. 0.001 -0.000r )
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o @ C. @ Based on the "l analysis, was the student's hypothesis true or false? (Circle the correct answer(s). (Spts.) True 2. Indicate which of the following statements is true about eukaryotic transcription. Circle the correct answer(s). (8 pts.) RNAPII requires activation by phosphorylation of the carboxy-terminal domain in order to function Enhancers
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Midterm2'08PracticeKey - BISl0l Midterm2Key(Version l 1 A...

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