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Bio 1B, Summer 2009 Evolution, Lecture 8 Professor Alan Shabel Page 1 of 1 Updated on 2 July 2009 (536–543, 547–553) The tree of life is a familiar motif in many cultures, and the western scientific version of the tree of life developed from earlier traditions. Ernst Haeckel was one of the first scientists to depict life’s diversity on the skeleton of an old tree, and he ushered in an era of depicting living forms on a branching phylogeny (Haeckel coined the term). Of course, Linnaeus had established his system of binomial nomenclature much earlier, and the Linnaen system of ranking taxa based on similarities of essential characters had been widely adopted. Darwin showed that the hierarchical Linnaen system was consistent with an evolutionary history of branching events, and Linnaeus’s system survived intact for another hundred years. In the 1960s,
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