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Bio 1B, Summer 2009 Evolution, Lecture 3 Professor Alan Shabel Page 1 of 1 Updated on 24 June 2009 (271–279, 468–479) Gregor Mendel (1882) discovered his rules of inheritance in 1865, and he presented and published his work in 1866. Darwin apparently had a copy of at least one of his publications, but he does not seem to have read it. Mendel’s insight into the process of heredity could have saved Darwin considerable grief, because the problem of “blending inheritance” was a major objection to Darwinian theory. In a randomly mating population, how would discrete traits be maintained if the offspring blended the phenotypes of the parents? How could natural selection produce stable adaptations to the environment? Mendel’s research helped to solve this problem. Some basic terminology (note that these are the modern terms, they were not necessarily the ones used by Mendel; please rely on the book for additional terms): character
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