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A74 – Summer 2009 Additional Diversity Notes Use this updated cladogram (versus p. 59) to organize your thoughts as you read the diversity lab. You should add additional details as you read the lab exercise. Tetrapoda Amniota Sauropsida Diapsida Archosaura 1) Deuterstomata (deuterostome development, more in Reproduction and Development lecture). 2) Chordata (4 features: Notochord, Dorsal Hollow Nerve Cord, Post-Anal Tail, Pharyngeal gill slits). 3) Myomerozoa (somites – bands of muscles along notochord/vertebral column during development) 4) Craniata (fibrous plates within cranium [skull]). 5) Vertebrata (vertebra – extensions present for muscle attachment, protection). 6) Gnathostomata (jaws). 7) Osteichthyes (endochondral bone – bone replaces cartilage, air sacs, lepidotrichia). 8) Sacropterygii (monobasal limbs, limb articulation).
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