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A63 – Summer 2009 STUDENT REVIEW SHEET INVERT II PHYLUM ECHINODERMATA: please examine the demos A. Starfish 1) external structures: central disk, arms (rays) oral surface, mouth, ambulacral grooves, aboral surface, madreporite, spines, dermal branchiae, pedicellariae (use a dissecting scope for the last two items) 2) internal structures: water-vascular system, coelom, stone canal, radial canal, tube feet, ampullae, calcareous endoskeleton, hepatic caeca, pyloric & cardiac stomach, gonads, 3) reproduction: refer to reproduction lab B. Urchin 1) external structures: tests (calcareous endoskeleton consists of a series of intercalating plates. 2) Sea urchin fertilization: a very rapid process, examine several stages (this may be done in the reproduction lab). PHYLUM ARTHROPODA: please examine the demos A) Arthropod development: 1) Incomplete metamorphosis (direct or gradual development, or hemimetabolous) e.g., cockroach egg------> nymph------>adult 2) Complete metamorphosis (holometabolous), e.g., Drosophila
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