Bio1AL_Sum09_lab6_lecture - pole P 118 560 bp 2,000 bp...

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Bio 1A Lab Lecture Outline # 7 GMB II July 13 th , 2009 I. Warning: Lab lecture does not replace reading the lab manual and reading Campbell. A. Practice problems. B. Practice lab exams Lab Exam Reader. Do them, expect somewhat similar problems. C. Lab exam 1 coming up on March 18 th , 6:30-8:30 PM. See lab exam 1 handout. II. Electrophoresis (loading on p. 83) A. Overview of DNA migration in agarose gel. B. Migration dependent upon size and conformation C. Linear: smaller pieces migrate faster than larger pieces. D. Conformation: all three conformations are the exact same size. 1) Super coiled migrates fastest. 2) Linear migrates intermediate. 3) Relaxed (or nicked) migrates the slowest. E. Conformation definitions: converting supercoiled to relaxed to linear. Expectations: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 III. Complementation A. Score for growth: 1) Yes: ability to make histidine, they complement. 2) No: fail to make histidine, fail to complement, form a complementation group. B. Number of complementation groups represent the minimal # of genes for pathway.
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Unformatted text preview: + pole P. 118, 560 bp, 2,000 bp, 2,300 bp, 4,400 bp, 6,600 bp, 9,600 bp, 25,000 bp Distance (mm) # base pairs (Log scale) + + + + + Generate a standard curve IV. Genetics - Overview A. Gamete production is due to meiosis!! B. Pay attention to alleles of interest and their locus on a chromosome. C. Meiosis partitions chromosomes. Alleles are on chromosomes. D. MAKE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN OUR NOTATION AND MEIOSIS! E. Our notation system, A/a, contains far more information than Aa. Do not use Aa but instead A/a. Minor difference but it is key when we discuss linkage! V. Review of meiosis: VI. Punnett Squares A/a A/a and B/B b/b. A ; B ; d ; X Q A ; B ; D ; X q Unlinked traits. a b d X q a b d Y X X X Y Want: phenotypes A, b, D, Q (on sex chromosomes). Note: 3 pairs of autosomes, 1 pair of sex chromosomes, making predictions. WORK AREA A/a represents one homologous pair. B/b represents another pair A a B b d d X A a B b D d Q q q X X...
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Bio1AL_Sum09_lab6_lecture - pole P 118 560 bp 2,000 bp...

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