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A9 – Summer 2009 Transformation and Enzyme Pre-lab. You must show this completed pre-lab to your GSI at the start of lab! (Pages 60- 86 [focus 65-72], 87-106) It is due at the end of lab. Thus you can use your flow chart during lab. Name GSI & Sect # Station # To answer these questions read all of the lab material on constructing recombinant DNA (pages 60-86) even though you are only doing pages 65-72 for lab 3. You also need to read about enzymes (pages87-106). Write legibly. You will NOT be admitted to lab unless you turn in this completed pre-lab at the start! 1) Define transformation, competent bacteria, ampicillin resistance and “lawn” of bacteria. 2) Fill in the following blanks. Be specific for the experimental conditions for Part 1 of the enzyme lab. Substrate (_____) + Enzyme (_____) reacts for ____ minutes. The reaction is stopped by the addition of ____. Upon heating reducing units react with the added _______ to produce a brown soluble product. The absorbance of this
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Bio1AL_Sum09_lab3_prelab - Transformation and Enzyme...

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