Bio1AL_Sum09_lab12_prelab - Reproduction and Development...

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A75 – Summer 2009 Reproduction and Development Pre-lab. Due at the start of lab. (Pages 203-214) Name GSI & Sect # Station # AT THE END OF EACH LAB IS A REVIEW AND A CHART THAT YOU SHOULD FILL OUT . 1. What is a jelly coat? What is the function of a jelly coat? What is a fertilization membrane? When and how does it form? 2. Is an urchin a protostome? Are you a protostome? 3. List the (defined) stages of development that occur from fertilization to the neurula stage. {in Xenopus } 4. Name the class of chordates that includes chickens? Rats?
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Bio1AL_Sum09_lab12_prelab - Reproduction and Development...

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