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Unit 13:  Congress - Study Guide Chapter 14: The Judiciary 1. What is common law? 2. What is a statute? 3. What is the doctrine of  stare decisis ? 4. What is a precedent? 5. What is case law? 6. What are the sources of American law? 7. Why do we say that the U.S. has a dual court system? 8. What is jurisdiction? 9. What is a “federal question” for the U.S. courts?  What is the significance of determining  what is and is not a federal question? 10. What is meant by “standing” and why is that important? 11. What is a justiciable dispute?  What is not a justiciable dispute? 12. Distinguish between trial and appellate courts.  13. Which federal courts are trial courts and which are appellate courts? 14. What is the role of facts and of law in appellate courts? 15. When can The Supreme Court review a state court decision?
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Unformatted text preview: 16. What is the role of the solicitor general of the United States? 17. What is an amicus curiae brief? 18. What is a class action suit? 19. What is a writ of certiorari? 20. Distinguish between a civil and a criminal court case. 21. What is the purpose of an appellate courts opinion? Distinguish between the majority and minority court opinions. 22. What does it mean to remand a court case? 23. What does it mean to affirm a court case? 24. What is judicial review? To which branch or branches of government does it apply? 25. What is the difference between judicial restraint and judicial activism? 26. How can Congress reverse a decision of the Supreme Court? 27. What is a political question for the courts? Do the courts usually resolve such questions?...
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