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Bill of rights amendments

Bill of rights amendments - Bill of Rights the first 10...

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Bill of Rights the first 10 Amendments Amendment Right(s) Historic Roots 1 Freedoms Freedom of Religion Freedom of Press Freedom of Speech Freedom of Assembly Separation of Church and State (no national religion) The English gov't had suppressed speech, assembly and press rights in an attempt to quell the growing colonial discontent. Additionally, many early settlers (such as the Pilgrims) came to America in search of religious freedom. 2 Right to Bear Arms Right to keep and bear arms In the period prior to the revolution, the English attempted to limit militia activity, as they rightly feared preparations for a coming revolution. 3 No Quarter Right to protection from troops being quartered in homes during peacetime The Quartering Act passed by English Parliament required the colonists to house and feed British troops stationed in the colonies. 4 Search and Seizure Right against unreasonable search and seizure Warrants require cause and must be specific
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